You should love the GLITCH MEDIA TEAM that works for you. Getting a higher ranking is great, but the experience of dealing with the company working for you should be engaging and enjoyable. You get the results you want, without all the things you don't.
We won't confuse you with marketing jargon, or tech-speak, and all ranking results are completely transparent. All clients are free to call with any questions about their account, with no additional fees or "al-le-carte" billing for hours.

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Unlike other local Knoxville SEO companies, all ranking / analytics reports are transparent and thorough, not superficial or partial. You know where you rank, what you rank for, what you don't, and how far you have come up the Google search ladder. FYI: We are physically located in Knoxville, so you can finally tell all the spammy SEO emails from out-of-towners to take a hike.