Unlike many classic agencies, we've been focusing on real performance marketing for years in our own ventures and projects on social media. This means: whether via Facebook audiences, in Instagram stories, in Youtube videos, or on landing pages or in messenger marketing. 

Our marketing reaches your desired audience:

And because we use the latest technology and track every little step, we know:

- Who sees our advertising

- When they see it

- Where and how they see it

- Why they see it

- What triggers the consumer to engage with our ads 

And above all, we know exactly how profitable our advertising is for our clients. With this information, we can use budgets extremely profitably and are no longer forced to "throw out fifty percent." 

Our customers know that. That’s why Glitch Media doesn’t just run ads. No, at Glitch Media we make sure your budgets are used properly and we are driven to get actual results. We are able to track every second of your advertising and we have the ability to change ads while your campaign is actively promoting your business for your needs. We can comfortably say “Every dollar you do not spend on Facebook and Instagram during this era you will regret not spending” 

Social Media is the new medium following the old and outdated Radio & TV Advertising Era. Social Media is not about you, your friends, your kid's profile or what your grandma did yesterday. This is data at scale, this is black and white. 

This Era is not happening, this isn’t coming. This is the past, present, and future of real marketing. 

90 plus percent of the Fortune CBG brands are declining in market share. In their marketing behavior, 80% of their spend is either on television or own programmatic digital which is digital 2006.

Meanwhile, Gym Shark, Fashionova, Lola, and movement watches are going from 0 to 25, 50, 100, 500 million in sales on 100% spend on Influencer, Facebook and Instagram. This is not subjective debate like if a video was funny. 

This is what is happening in the business world. Thit is 2019. Trying to still preach people to understand the power of social media is underwhelming. Our efforts are proven. This is no longer a “should-we-guess-conversation”  People are still using overpriced Google AdWords. They were cheap and effective in 2006. That was 13 years ago…

Let me give you the quickest way you can feel really good about your marketing efforts in the future.  Make a great video, target it properly, get hundreds of thousands of people to see quite a bit of it and re-market them with a call-to-action and watch how many convert. And yes, - we can also create stunning social media trailers like the one we did for Elkmont Exchange.

I promise you’ll believe in this type of marketing for the rest of your life. It works.  That's why Glitch Media is natively building social media ads for that success. 

Glitch Media deeply believes in truth and authenticity when it comes to their client's marketing efforts. We will get an understanding of how you have spent your past advertising dollars and show you how to become more efficient and profitable through our proven ads playbooks. We will be completely honest with you and prepare your team for the new medium that is currently already active, generating our client's thousands of dollars in revenue. 

If you’re not spreading your content on at least 3 to 8 platforms trying to get more clients, branding yourself you are fundamentally IRRELEVANT to modern society. 

We are here to help you transition your business from the old media to the new medium. This is very important to understand. We are aware that there are people who have 10mio+ businesses and they’re very happy with it but aren’t even on social media. We get that, but what they don’t factor in, is what happens next. 

For us, it is not important what is happening today. Tomorrow is where most people are vulnerable because they’re missing out the timing to switch over to this new golden prime time of this medium. 

We all react much heavier to mistakes than we do to success. Let us help you be prepared for tomorrow. 

It is up to you now. Do you want to work with somebody who will constantly teach you what happened yesterday or what do you want somebody who can tell you exactly what will happen tomorrow? 


Custom Targeted Audiences

Be able to target your exact audience that fits your business. Stop wasting your advertising dollars on television/ radio and other offline marketing where you don’t know who is viewing your content. With Facebook you can choose exactly who you want from the gender to whether or not they like cupcakes. Creepy, right?

Your Audience is There

With over 2 billion monthly active users you can reach almost anyone. Facebook accounts for one in every five online page views. Facebook is growing at an exponential rate and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s the best place for your business to set up shop.


Don’t forget that Facebook does own Instagram. With over 1 billion active users, it adds more users to target with your advertisements.

According to Forrester, Instagram is the king of social media with a 4.21% engagement rate. This is a huge number, considering that Facebook and Twitter combined barely reach a 0.10 engagement rate. “Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter” Forrester ads.